$3000 worth of AT token Airdrop & Listing on WirePurse

THE POST IS UPDATED HERE: https://blog.transcodium.com/ht-token-huobi-token-listing-wirepurse-airdrop-details/

With a great start of WirePurse wallet, our team has already started working on getting in touch with different exchanges & blockchain projects to get popular tokens listed on WirePurse.

Such one exchange is ABCC. Transcodium token is already listed and is tradable on ABCC exchange making it a better option to get AT token listed on WirePurse. ABCC is a world-class Digital Аssеts exchange. ABCC aims to provide a frictionless, user-centric trading experience. AT token is the native token of ABCC

WirePurse will be listing AT token on 10th of September and will be airdropping $3,000 worth of AT tokens between all the users of WirePurse, to participate in this airdrop you must follow the rules stated here.

We will soon be posting about other listing and airdrops, so stay tuned, keep visiting us.

Airdrop Rules & Terms: http://blog.transcodium.com/tns-wirepurse-airdrops/

Wirepurse Web: https://wirepurse.com/
Wirepurse Android: Download

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