Development Update – 7/10/2018

Hello, we are pleased to update you with the progress of the development. We are approaching a near completion of the Transcodium wallet ( TNS Money). This update is soley based on TNSMoney android and its backened.


Financial Engine, also known as FinEngine is a java server financial data aggregator app which collects live data from different exchanges & markets and makes them available to our products and apps in real time.

FinEngine is a work in progress and we are working very hard to improve  it. Currently only few exchanges or markets are support, more will be added later. FinEngine is hosted on github and can be found on :

TNSMoney + FinEngine Integration

FinEngine has been successfully integrated  into TNSMoney to provide a real time price  update to users. In the near future, price tracking and alert feature support will be added to TNSMoney, all thanks to FinEngine.

TNSMoney Crypto Asset Withdrawal

Coin and token asset withdrawal feature has been successfully completed on TNSMoney, both on the client side and on the backened ( TNS Mothership ) . User will be able to generate multiple digital addresses for any assets. This will enable you generate unique addresses for every payment request.

What is Next ?

We are still working very hard to complete the wallet with extra features support. Next update will be centered on Withdrawals and security hardening.

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