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Hello Friends,

Transcodium is organizing a Meme Contest where we will be giving away TNS token to the top 5 winners of the contest. We will be rewarding the most creative Transcodium’s Community Supporters. Winner will be announced on 02/04/2018. Winners will be selected on the basis of Creativity, Uniqueness, Impact (likes, Upvotes , Shares & etc)

Steps to follow:

– Create a Slogan or a meme with the name “Transcodium”, include your Username on it and take a selfie or create a video with your slogan or any other creative ways. Post it on your facebook, twitter, Instagram or any other social media. Do add hashtag as #transcodiumMeme

– Join our Telegram:

– You need to create an account on our dashboard:

– Fill up this google form:


– 1000 TNS for the Winner
– 800 TNS for the 1st Runner-up
– 700 TNS for 2nd Runner-up
– 600 TNS for 3rd Runner-up
– 500 TNS for 4th Runner-up

Example of Slogan: (You can still use this, but the uniqueness of presentation is likely to win the contest. You can write on the sand, write on paper with a unique style or create an animation for extra creativity. You need to take a selfie with your slogan write your username below and post it on FB, Twitter or Instagram )

– Transcodium, Transcoding Services of the New Era
– Transcoding + Blockchain = Transcodium
– Transcodium makes streaming flawless


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