Project Update – WirePurse Web (August 1st, 2019)

wirepurse web assets window

After the successful launch of WirePurse android app, we immediately started testing and enhancing the web version, Thanks to our awesome community, we were able to improve the user interface & experience (UI & UX respectively) during the testing phase.

During testing, there was a need to reimplement some existing components & libraries to help improve speed, navigation, and total user experience.

Initially, we vigorously tested the user interface (UI) library, the first beta version was built using Ant-Design user interface library based on vue framework, but was later replaced with iview UI library after several failed attempts to reduce the overall size of the final build of the application.
With the help of a webpack-analyzer plugin, our team was able to trace the root problem to the UI library (Ant-Design) which was replaced with an improved and lighter alternative (iview).

Improved minimal UI using iview

Again, using, we were able to find a well-optimized and lighter alternatives to several libraries & components which would have hindered the total user experience of the application.

To speed up development, our team decided to utilize a progressive web app (PWA) architecture & web components application development paradigm using the vue web framework. This will enable us to kill two birds with a stone, thus using the same codebase for the web application and desktop application (Mac & Windows desktop).

Finally, new exciting features such as a realtime asset fiat quote with support for over 200 different fiat currencies were added to TNS Mothership.

We are constantly working to provide the best product for the ease and comfort of our users.

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