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Transparency on Transcodium’s Network

The use of smart contract will enable transparency on the network, vital information such the file duration, the amount the initiator was charged and the amount paid to workers will all be on the public ledger. Customers and workers can always check how much they have been charged or paid respectfully for a specific task […]

Civil War, BTC vs BCH

Bitcoin’s younger brother Bitcoin Cash started a historic rise against Bitcoin , within few hours, Bitcoin Cash grew by 120% making investors scared so they had to start selling their bitcoin for bitcoin cash, as we all know, if supply exceeds demand, price fall, that was the same sad faith bitcoin faced .Now the question […]

Transcodium, The Intro Part 1

Recently, the world has seen a remarkable improvement in the media industry i.e. from video advertising to media streaming, however, due to the high cost of cloud transcoding services, it has been very challenging for startups and companies on a low budget who needs these services. Since the emergence of cloud technology, the transcoding industry […]

Blockchain vs Cloud Transcoding

IDENTIFIED PROBLEMS With the current cloud transcoding platforms, the following problems and limitations were identified: Cloud transcoding platforms are too expensive and are scaring away startups, who require their services. Existing companies have to spend more than half of their income just for processing these media files, which is not encouraging. Long processing time, due […]