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TNS Burn Event: Phase 2

We are glad to announce that, phase 2 of the TNS burn event has been executed successfully, an amount of 500,000 TNS was burnt to reduce the total supply. The total supply before the burn was 88,100,000 TNS. The total supply after the burn is 87,599,999 TNS Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x43a9c63fa61af743abeca32bb428bd1b13f9d0d5bfae56a096d21fea4ecae196

Civil War, BTC vs BCH

Bitcoin’s younger brother Bitcoin Cash started a historic rise against Bitcoin , within few hours, Bitcoin Cash grew by 120% making investors scared so they had to start selling their bitcoin for bitcoin cash, as we all know, if supply exceeds demand, price fall, that was the same sad faith bitcoin faced .Now the question […]