How To Take Part In The Transcodium ICO

It’s simple – Step by Step Purchase

1. Visit 

2. Click on Login

3. In case you have not earlier registered for the Transcodium Token sale, please signup with your name & email address

4. After logging into your account click on “Buy” on the menu available.


5. Enter the amount you would like to buy, you will see the calculated amount of TNS that you will receive for the ETH/BTC/LTC/BCH to be bought

6. Now click on “Buy Tokens” button and you will be redirected to the payment page

7. Copy the wallet address or scan the QR code to pay. Pay only to the address provided on the payment page, Ignore any payment address from anyone who claims to be a team member or support,  We will, however, offer multiple confirmations on our communication channels so you can make sure the address on our website has not been compromised. Be careful and stay vigilant!

8. Go to your wallet from where you want to send funds.

9. Send the number of coins you want to invest to the address you just copied.

10. You’re done. Congratulations!


Where Can I See My Purchased TNS tokens?

Your purchased TNS tokens should reflect in your dashboard after payment is confirmed by the blockchain. Kindly login to check.

How can I withdraw my TNS?

An option will appear to transfer your tokens during the Distribution Date (After Main Token Sale)

Where can I get more help?

Facebook :
Twitter :
Telegram :
Web chat support :

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