TNS WirePurse Airdrops Rules & Terms

To celebrate the achievement of our first milestone & also reward our loyal investors and users, there will be an airdrop for some selected assets (coins or tokens) which will be listed on WirePurse Wallet. 

Transcodium has allocated funds which will be used for the airdrop. 

Depending on the circumstance, the assets asset to be listed might not be announced till the listing date, also every listing process with an airdrop might have additional rules.

The first airdrop will be executed on 10th September 2019

General Rules :

  1. Participants must create a WirePurse account at
  2. Participants must hold 1000 TNS or more, though the airdrop will be calculated by the number of TNS the participant is holding. All TNS tokens should be deposited into his WirePurse account.
  3. Participants must follow our twitter account at @transcodium 
  4. Participation must be a member of our telegram group @transcodium
  5. Lastly, this article must be retweeted on twitter

Terms :

  1. WirePurse & Transcodium has the sole right to disqualify anyone from participating in the airdrop.
  2. WirePurse & Transcodium can decide to cancel or suspend any pending airdrop at any time and any day.
  3. WirePurse & Transcodium has and will in no way promise anyone a fixed amount of tokens or coins during the airdrop, the number of assets may vary.
  4. Crypto Currencies are prone to volatility, so WirePurse & Transcodium cannot be held liable should the TNS tokens held for the airdrop fluctuate in terms of its fiat value or any measurable value.
  5. The Terms & Rules can be amended anytime with or without the prior notice of the participants.
  6. hereinafter called “Airdrop”, I (The Participant) , for myself, my heirs, personal representatives or assigns, do hereby release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue Transcodium & WirePurse, its officers, employees, and agents from liability from all claims including the negligence of Transcodium & WirePurse, its officers, employees and agents, resulting in personal injury, accidents or illnesses (including death), and property loss arising from, but not limited to, participation in the Airdrop

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