Transcodium announces the commencement of its Pre ICO sale

The first of its kind peer-to-peer blockchain based and decentralized media transcoding platform, Transcodium, announces its Pre ICO sale, which starts on 7th January, 2018

Transcodium is a unique platform designed for peer-to-peer blockchain based and decentralized media transcoding, editing, and distribution with high quality and reliable computational power at a very affordable price. The innovation will create a global market for users, willing to rent their idle machines to be used as workers (miners). Transcodium has announced that it will launch its PreICO sale on 7th January 2017, allowing anyone across the globe to be a part of the project.

Over the years, blockchain has served as a ground for innovative projects. The creativity and ingenuity of the system have made it endearing to many inventors across the globe. One of such projects that are building on the blockchain technology is Transcodium. Transcodium does not only allow for decentralized media transcoding, editing and distribution at affordable rates, but also rewards the worker (processor) with the TNS token at the end of the transcoding process. The token can be subsequently sold or exchanged to any currency by the worker.

The innovation hopes to provide a faster, cheaper and more secured transcoding platform. “We believe the migration of our current cloud transcoding platform to the blockchain will help provide cheaper, faster and more secured services compared to our competitors such as Google and Amazon who uses the cloud,” says Jeetendra Kumar, CEO, and Co-founder of Transcodium.

Using a unique algorithm, Transform will ensure the conversion of media files in a supersonic speed by splitting large media files into very tiny chunks and after that will be encrypted, compressed and sent to workers (idle devices) to process. The platform is unique, as it is the first company to migrate from the cloud transcoding platform to the blockchain.

The pre-ICO sale is particularly great for investors, startups, and developers, giving them a unique opportunity to be a part of the profitable venture. With a very large market size, limited token supply, and a strong team made up of experienced verified founders, the preICO that allows investors to get a 30% discount is an offer that should not be ignored.

A total of 120,000,000 tokens will be supplied, with 72% distributed during token sales. The presale of 5,710,000 tokens will be available at $0.263 per token with a 30% discount. The presale will be followed by the sale of 6,680,000 tokens at $0.300 with a 20% discount, 22,190,000 tokens with 10% discount at $0.338, and 25,220,000 tokens sold at $0.357 with 5% discount.

More information about Transcodium and the token sale can be found on Website, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Bitcointalk, Github, and YouTube as well as on the whitepaper of the token.

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