Transcodium Explained (Video)

Transcodium is the first decentralized blockchain based file transcoding and distribution platform.

The global transcoding market size is expected to grow from $3.25 Billion in 2017 to $7.50 Billion by 2022.

Before your favorite streaming site such as YouTube or Netflix adds a new video to their platform, their system internally converts this video to different file formats for different devices such as smartphones, desktops, and TVs using the cloud.

The cloud transcoding system seems great until you start processing at a large scale which poses a lot of problems such as long waiting time, higher processing cost and potential data loss after a server outage.

Transcodium aims to eliminate these problems the cloud transcoding technology poses.

The idea of decentralization will provide Transcodium an unlimited processing power thereby providing a supersonic transcoding at a cheaper price

To simplify the transcoding process, Transcodium will provide an API, a visual studio for complex editing & a console app, moreover, there will be an option to export the processed file to multiple storages and social media platforms such as Facebook, Dropbox, SFTP and more.

Transcodium, The future of Transcoding. Participate in the ICO now.

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