Why is Transcodium a game changer?

Before entering into the transcoding industry, we asked ourselves this one question:

“What will make customers prefer our services to other providers”.

Well, the answer was not easy to come by  but the journey we had taught us a lot of things and gave a clear idea of what a consumer need and how can we provide that to the customer.


Transcodium aims to be the first to provide the cheapest, fastest and most secure transcoding platform on the blockchain.

Transcodium will build the platform to aid anyone willing to rent his or her device to be used for transcoding process, device owners will be rewarded with the TNS token after a successful transcoding.

It has been proven that, decentralized resource renting has been a very successful branch of business, a very good example is Uber, Uber has the platform which works with all car(s) owners willing to work with UBER’s services for a reward. Transcodium works in the same way but in the field of idle devices such as Computer’s, Smartphone and any device which is capable of installing our app.

On the side of the customer, they will be able to acquire this computational power at a very cheap price compared to the cloud transcoding platform.Also speed is one of our aims, all thanks to the unlimited users willing to rent their devices for this computations.

Join our ICO and help us make this project alive.

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