We have rebranded

We have successfully completed the re-branding process from Bitcoding Limited to Transcodium Ltd.The reasons for the re-branding has been explained below:

1.Too many keywords of Bitcoding’s name on the internet: After we registered our domain bitcoding.io, we noticed our ranking was not improving, our team later realized it was as a result of the numerous keyword “bitcoding or bitcode” found on the internet, so we started searching for an alternative solution

2.Identity theft issues : Some unknown people decided to register a domain similar to ours called bitcoding.biz, we later realized it was an HYIP site (a scam site). since companyhouse.comĀ  makes all data of the registered companies in the UK publicly available, these scam site’s admin were able to linkĀ  to our company’s profile claiming to be us because we shared the same name “Bitcoding” but different domains.In this case we had no option than to rebrand after reporting the incident to the UK cyber crime unit.

Re-branding to Transcodium has been one of the smartest decisions made by our company , we have seen an improvement in the search visibility and also uniqueness in our brand.

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